Collaborative works

Make-space/Raw, 2016 in collaboration with Colombe Marcasiano (FR) in RunRunRun @ Villa Arson, Nice (FR), organised by La Station and Villa Arson

In collaboration with Colombe Marcasiano
`RunRunRun`- organised by Villa Arson& La Station, Nice (FR)

MAKE SPACE /RAW is the forth presentation of a series titled ARTITECTURE aiming to explore the possibilities of space itself and it`s given function as a platform or communal ground.
The underlying concept for the proposed structure explores the thought of an `open painting`, an `open` art work that provides all parties to communicate; for dialogue, experimentation,reflection and exploration.
The conceived structure goes beyond the idea of the usual `presentational` art space, like a gallery space or a museum setting. It explores and invites to explore the idea of space as a physical space. It is a place to experience the structure itself, it`s point of peripheral vision and last not least any other form of artistic impression inhibitating this space.
The given space operates like a diagram. A diagram as a simplified and structured representation of ideas, relation and different aspects of human activity. A diagram makes it possible to describe phenomena, to highlight correlations between certain factors or to represent parts of a whole.
Emphasizing the ephemeral qualities of this autonomous structure ,MAKE SPACE/RAW can be characterized as a space dedicated to `making`, to creating and working in correlation to the observation of a given spatiality and it`s social rammification and trajectories.
MAKE SPACE/RAW is not a private place but a public space to be inhabited, a place to be experienced , to be admittingly physicallly but also socially – in other words in relation to culture, language (or languages), memory, to the act of projecting oneself and of conceiving and sharing ideas and thoughts. MAKESPACE/RAW is a place to expose and a place that exposes, a place that potentially invites the audience to participate in the multiplicity of similar experiences, perceptive and otherwise.
This `open` work aims to never be reduced to a single reading or interpretation. It`s meant to inspire individual thought and to indulge in a variety of ideas and correlations. It`s up to viewer to submerge in to his own world of thought and to tie the loose ends together to create a unique experience.
For this collaboration I invite French artist Colombe Marcasiano to participate and inhibit the structure (http://c.marcasiano.free.fr/)