Collaborative works

Infinite Village /Raw:Abandonement, 2018 in collaboration with Cira von Zezschwitz, 21st Biennale Grenchen (SUI)

Infinite Village / Raw:Abandonment in collaboration with Cora Von Zezschwitz
21st Biennale Grenchen, (SUI), curated and organised by Reto Emch

Point of departure of the site-specific project RAW/Abandonment, presented at the 21st Triennale Grenchen was a room on its bare state, provided for this project on the premises of the Grenchen exhibition space, an abandoned printing facility.
The abandonedspace, which still showed traces of its former occupation and prior use (a print shop) is r-inhabited bybtheartists with a simple yet intriguing structure built out of new and recycled materials (wood, plastic foils, mirror foil, paper, paint).
These interferences with given topos are changing our level of perception regarding the existing space. The space is revived in such manner that bit creates a new mental and visual context as well as it is respecting the prior personalityand reminiscing its prior liveliness.
This temporary installation aims to connect the erstwhile with the now, implying the plentitude of possibilities for restructuring.The artistic intervention shall to be read as a pure àestheticalone, but also as a place for reflection upon the manifold of aspects concerning the conditions of our lives. The artistic intervention points beyond the mere visual appearance of he artistic creation towards the various levels and possibilities of perception and aims to challenge the viewer to extend his perceptual experience and to immerse into a world of thought. This re-interpretation or re-inhabitation of the encountered space understands itself as anopen`structure, as a conscious as well as playful construction of spatiality within given topos. The accumulation of the diverse visual layers wants to initiate reflection upon the multi)faceted interdependency of human existence and his natural or conditioned environment.
Within this spacial intervention, carefully integrated imprinted folsand other materials comment on the prior use of these facilites and interconnect thesauri of abandonment with the newly created ambiance;