Solo shows

INSTANCES: In The Light Of.... @ Herman Krikhaar Foundation, Salernes, 2022


Tilman’s work, which can be associated with the term ’Reductive Art’, focuses on the perception of light (’Light paints the world’), perception per se as well as spatiality. His oeuvre can be understood as an investigation of before mentioned creative attributes and an exploration into the realm of light and space.
To submerge into his world, one should leave behind any formal aspects and approach given objects physically and mentally with an open mind.
These ’Painted Objects’- rather than actual paintings – can be seen as an exploration of architectural space and spatiality. The objects at hand invite to be read as visual instruments, as tools to offer an experiential understanding beyond the perimeters of mere cognitive perception.

In this visual play, the material WHITE, becomes an important factor: Colors and so-called non-colors are mere shades of light, attached to our ability to process spectral vision. They represent a material rather than mere color hues without proposing hierarchy or mental connotations. Besides these attributes, the ’material white’, signifies the idea of space or spatiality, the ether, the void…the void which wants to be filled by the spectator. The painted white space forms a refuge for reflection and interconnection – the ’interspace’- allowing the viewer to interact and participate in the movement of time/light and to find his place within the given dialogue and beyond.

The series Streamers introduce a play on floating forms. Loosely based on a rectangular shape, these forms challenge the boundaries of perception based on our traditional visual settings (rectangular, vertical or horizontal, square etc.), evoking movement, timelessness, flow and infinity.

Movements 1-10, on the other hand can be regarded as an exploration of architectural space, a play on constructed possibilities.
The objects allure to view and understand the act of seeing as an experiential experience – to view the finely calibrated movements and refined spatialities between the multi-layered
Planes in unison with elements of subtle hues as a ’body in motion’ and to interact in the process of perception with one`s own physique – in short to look awry.